Github Actions

On this page we will go over the different Actions that are triggered within the Beer-Garden Repo.

Pull Requests

During every Pull Request, Github Actions runs the following steps.

  • Linting: Verifies that the formatting standard was maintained. Common resolution is running make format.

  • PyTest: Runs all of the Unit Tests documented within the environment

  • Code Coverage: Checks the cover coverage of the Unit Tests and uploads results to (Beer Garden and Brewtils)

  • Complexity Checks: Custom-ish complexity checker to identify how many if/for loops we are utilizing.

  • Security Checks: Runs security scans on the code repo.

For Pull Requests that depends on a Brewtils PR, we have a custom tag that can be utilized to reference it for testing purposes: `brewtils: <branch>`

This tag will download that version of Brewtils for the test environment, instead of develop.


When a Tag is added to Beer Garden, the automated release process is kicked off. This is how Beer-Garden manages releases. The tag text will be utilized as the Version release for their respective hosting location.

Please note that the version utilized Docker Builder for Beer-Garden will be utilized for the Brewtils install on that Docker Image.

Scheduled and Integration

On a nightly job, Beer Garden kicks off it’s integration testing. This is a short list of tests that heavily relies on the matrix feature of Github Actions to support all the various use cases that is needed.

There are three primary tests that are executed through the scheduler.

Local Plugin Testing

Beer Garden has a collection of Example Plugins that are used to demonstrate the various features of the framework. This test deploys the latest version of that plugins against the latest version of Develop. Then verifies that Requests can be sent to each of them. This ensures that all edge cases has been handled.

Remote Plugin Testing

The latest V3 release branch of Beer Garden is backwards compatible with V3 releases of Brewtils on various Python versions. This ensures that any older V3 plugins that are running remotely will be to connection to Beer Garden.

Currently Testing Matrix:

[ Python 2.7, Python 3.4, Python 3.5, Python 3.6, Python 3.7, Python 3.8, Python 3.9 ] x [ Brewtils 3.0.0, Brewtils 3.0.1, Brewtils 3.0.2, Brewtils 3.1.0 ]

Parent/Child Testing

V3 introduced the new ability to connect Beer Gardens together. To ensure this is working properly, Beer Garden deploys and configures two Beer Gardens to communicate. Just like the plugin, if the Parent Beer Garden is the latest V3 release, the Child Beer Garden can be any V3 variant.

Testing steps

  • Start Parent Garden

  • Start Child Garden

  • Configure Child Connection on Parent

  • Verify the Child Systems are on the Parent

  • Task Child through Parent

  • Task Child through Child

  • Verify both requests are on Parent

Source Code

If you are interested in how we accomplished any of our Github actions, check out the following links and our source code.