Beer Garden Manual

The starting point for all your Beer Garden needs!

Getting Started

Discover Beer Garden and how it can help you.

What is Beer Garden?

A high-level overview of what Beer Garden is exactly and when you should use it


A short 5-minute tutorial for getting Beer Garden and a plugin up and running

Installation Guides

Ready to Install Beer Garden? Pick your favorite guide and get started!


All about Beer Garden plugins.

Plugin Developer’s Guide

A comprehensive tutorial with examples that show you how to write plugins

Plugin Syntax Quick Reference Guide

An overview of the plugin syntax you’ll likely need to write a useful plugins

Upgrade Guide

Instructions for upgrading plugins from brewtils 2.x to 3.x


Information about the Beer Garden application and how it works.


Learn how Beer Garden internals works

Parent & Child Configurations

Learn how Beer Garden can be configured in a Parent/Child Relationship

Configuration Guide

Help with Application configuration

Security Guide

Help with Authentication and Authorization

API Guide

If you aren’t writing plugins, but rather using them, this guide is for you

Upgrade Guide

Instructions for upgrading Beer Garden from 2.x to 3.x

Github Actions

Beer Garden automates a range of tasks through Github Actions. This is information on what to expect for each action.

Pull Request

When a Pull Request is submitted, what happens?


When a Tag is creates, what happens? This kicks off our automated release process.

Scheduler and Integration

What automated actions exist


How to contribute to the Beer Garden project.

How do I report a bug?

Did you find a bug somewhere in Beer Garden? Checkout how to tell us.

How do I request a feature?

Do you have the next cool idea for Beer Garden to implement? Tell us about it!

How do I submit code to the project?

If you have code you’d like to contribute, create a pull request!

Reference and Developer Resources